#45/B, 1st Main,
J.P Nagar III Phase
Banguluru – 560 078, INDIA

Tel : +91 80 41489056
Email: Prasanna@imagex.in

Special Equipments


Imagex provides engineered Scrubbers, Exhaust Stacks / Chimney for DG set based power plants for DG sets, and GT/STG power plants, which include supports, exhaust silencers etc...

Scrubbing liquid is introduced into the scrubber as a spray directed down over a circular "scrubbing vane" arrangement. As the liquid drains through the vanes, it creates curtains of scrubbing liquid. Flue gas from DG exhaust enters the scrubber tangentially and collides with Caustic Spray through the nozzles initiating particle agglomeration and desulphurization. The coarser particles produced are washed down to the slurry outlet. The Sox is diluted to CPCB norms.

The cyclonic action of the saturated gas stream as it spins upward forces the agglomerated particles to fall out of suspension. The coarser droplets impinge on the mist eliminator vanes and the finer droplets are forced to drop out of suspension by gravitational and centrifugal forces.



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