Quality Policy

Imagex commits to continually improve products and processes to achieve customer satisfaction through on time delivery, supply as per customers specifications, by constantly involving, upgrading skills of its employees at all levels and providing required resources.


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* To Provide Solution in Energy & Environement.

* To provide cost effective products and services in power sector.

* To Cater to Energy & Environment related products in Europe, Africa & Middle east (Import substitution).

* To Be No 1 in the field of Silencers, Air Filtration, Ventilation & Acousticsr.

* Total Engineering solutions for Energy & Environment sector.

Imagex Technologiesis formed by a group of highly skilled engineers with more than 150 man years of work experience in design, manufacture, servicing, project execution of critical technological products for various industrial applications.

IMAGEX has a 6000 Sq ft manufacturing area in bangalore having own building facility.

Air Intake Systems for large Diesel Engines and compressors :
Imagex Technologies has design, Large capacity diesel engines and compressors suck air through an intake system, which filters air by removing rainwater, floating debris, coarse and fine dirt particles. Typical stages of filtration may include: Weather Louvers, Mist eliminators, Inertial separators, Oil bath filters, Prefilters, Fine filters, etc. Filtration efficiency of 99% down to One-micron particles is possible to achieve. Capacity from 10,000 to 60,000 CuM./Hr. can be handled. Units can be custom made with control panel meeting the individual customer needs. We are in a position to supply spares for maintenance of existing systems also.

Diverters, Dampers, Isolators and Ducting for handling hot gases :
Imagex Technologies has design, manufacturing and testing expertise in the field of Diverters, Dampers, and Isolators, which can offer sealing efficiencies up to 99.9%. Both single seal and twin seal arrangement can be offered along with various types of actuators upto 2500 mm. Exhaust from large diesel engines has higher temperatures, which can be passed through heat recovery units to tap available energy. This requires hot gas ducting, isolation devices etc, to lead the hot gases to heat recovery units. The system becomes complex when there are multiple engines operating. Imagex Technologies has the required expertise for handling the hot gases up to 600 Deg C and provide effective leak tightness across isolation devices.

Custom built filters and filtration systems :
Imagex Technologies has all the capabilities to design, manufacture, supply and commission filters and filtration systems for various industrial applications. Both gaseous and liquid filers are offered to meet customers' specific needs. Cartridge filters, bag filters, Pressure sand filters, leaf filters are available to meet stringent requirements of processes. Filters for arresting dirt up to 0.1 micron can be supplied. Filtration systems involving pumps, pipe lines, valves, instrumentation and controls for specific applications can be built meeting customers' specific needs in association with AAF, India.

ISO Certificate - TGA ISO Certificate - NABCB